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"The shadowy streets of New York City create a dreamlike backdrop for many of her shoots, rife with chain-link fences and blurred streetlights. Through a seemingly unstoppable combination of flawless lighting and fresh, youthful subjects, Kjelleren captures still imagery that is impossibly alive."

- Alexandra Stevens for Nu Mode Magazine

"The phrase ‘living the dream’ gets thrown around liberally, but for photographer Sarah Kjelleren, that phrase has come to embody her blossoming career. Starting from humble beginnings in a small town in Vermont, she packed her bags and headed out to make her way in the cutthroat world of freelance photography in New York City. It was a big gamble but one that paid off; she has gone on to photograph subjects like Beyonce and Andreja Pejic, as well as expand her talents into mixed media and collage, transforming her already captivating portraits into full-blown artisanal canvases. Yet these impressive accomplishments have by no means gotten to Kjelleren’s head, who embodies the nature of humility in person." 

-Jake Boyer for MILK

"The Vermonter Sarah Kjelleren is a natural born photographer that is undoubtedly talented. With striking compositions and the skills already mastered, she is well on her way to becoming the next major fashion photographer." 


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